Orthodontic treatment


Straighter teeth and a better bite

Orthodontics is a specialist form of dentistry that aims to straighten your teeth and improve your bite. It involves wearing a brace that is specially made to fit your teeth closely - and new, improved techniques are being developed all the time.

Treatment usually lasts about 18 months, although it will depend on the type of brace you choose and how complex the problem is. During this time you will need to attend appointments regularly - and to look after your brace carefully, as damaging it can prolong treatment. We will give you plenty of advice on how to do this.

Mr Iain Dibble offers a full range of orthodontic treatment including fixed and removable appliances for both children and adults. For adults requiring minor corrections, clear plastic "invisible" braces are also available. We are happy to offer a no-obligation consultation to discuss the possible options.