Promoting oral health


Help from our hygienists

Our hygienists are specially trained to work with our dentists, and will give you care and advice tailored to your needs. They are mainly concerned with gum health, and can give you advice on what to do at home to keep your teeth and gums in good condition.

As well as carrying out scaling and polishing, our hygienists will also show you the best way to remove plaque. This is a sticky coating that constantly forms on our teeth - and it is really important to keep this under control.

They will also suggest giving up smoking as this will reduce gum irritation, staining and bad breath. Research shows smokers have more gum disease and tooth loss than non smokers.

Scaling and polishing is usually painfree - but if you do suffer discomfort, we can use an anaesthetic gel to make the procedure more comfortable.

Professional advice and cleaning combined with looking after your teeth well at home will keep your mouth healthy. A clean mouth will give good appearance, keep teeth and gums healthy and avoid having bad breath.