General & restorative dentistry


Treatment of decayed or damaged teeth


If part of a tooth is lost through decay or erosion, or damaged in an accident, it can be replaced with a filling. The filling will plug the hole and stop further deterioration and any future pain or discomfort.

We generally use composite, white filling material, which matches the colour of your own teeth. Amalgam (silver filling material) is still used for molar teeth on NHS patients.


A crown is like a "hat" or "sleeve" made of metal (such as gold) or porcelain that completely covers a damaged or weak tooth. It can be a very effective solution if the base of the tooth is still healthy and the roots still hold the tooth firmly in its socket. We aim to match the crown to the shape - and if porcelain is used, the shade - of your own teeth for a natural look.

Crowns will last for many years depending on the health of the tooth underneath and how well you look after your mouth and your diet.

To make a crown, we prepare the affected tooth and take an exact impression using a soft mouldable material of the tooth to be crowned and nearby teeth. Our dental technician then uses this impression to make the crown to the correct size and height.

A temporary crown made of plastic or metal is put over the tooth until the permanent crown is made. You can chew on the temporary crown but this will not be as strong as the permanent crown.